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At New Braunfels Academy, we strongly believe that learning begins immediately after birth. The world is an exciting, new place and infants are exploring their environment, soaking in all the sounds, sights, movements and feelings. Infants are provided daily activities at their individual developmental level to grow their fine and gross motor skills, communication skills, social, and emotional skills. Our sign language program focuses on building basic communication skills to support infants’ connection with the world around them.

Not only are we laying an early foundation that will become the basis for their education, we aim to create a love for learning, even at this very young age. We provide an environment that is stimulating but most importantly safe and loving. Our teachers nurture each infant and provide a secure “home away from home.”


We believe that this is a fundamental time in a child’s life and the foundation of a child’s education is instilled at this very young age. Our toddler program, for children 12 through 24 months, emphasizes the development of warm, caring relationships within a safe and stimulating environment. Our professionally developed curriculum, Mother Goose Time, was created to nurture the whole child and support the child's social, emotional and intellectual growth.

In order for children of this age to learn and grow, it is vital they feel safe and secure in their environment. For this reason, our teachers’ main focus is building a sense of trust with each child. We support every child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn as we encourage toddlers to gain a sense of self-confidence and independence.
We provide children daily exposure to language and literacy skill development in order to best grow their inner potential for understanding language and communication. Young toddlers learn language through experiences. Engrossing children in intentional language activities promotes retention and usage.
We believe children learn through hands-on experiences. Through our intentionally planned curriculum and lessons, we offer daily opportunities to discover and explore. Activities are tailored to be developmentally appropriate to give children exposure to their natural environment. On a daily basis, your toddler will participate in fine and gross motor development, creative art, early literacy skills to develop language, and early math skills.

Routines are paramount at this early stage of education and are woven into the fabric of all learning experiences. Contributing to a sense of stability and trust, schedules help toddlers’ sense of security in their environment. Their daily schedule is designed around the developmental needs of the toddlers. Our teachers focus on keeping each day structured for the children.

This time in a child’s life is transitional in nature as children are transitioning from a toddler to preschooler; language is transitioning from basic communication to explorative; and their independence is transitioning from full dependence of a baby to the independence of preschooler. Our two year program echoes this transition throughout the day to day.
The foundation for social skills, as well as life skills, is created in these early years. Young children must develop a secure connection to teachers and family members. An environment is provided where children feel comfortable and happy with a strong emphasis on social skills and exploration. Daily activities provide opportunities for our teachers to spend time with children- interacting, modeling, and learning from each other. Children are taught how to play with each other and be a part of the group. Through individual and group learning activities, children are shown how to interact with other children and adults alike.
Our two year old program encompasses the whole child, boosting growth and development on all levels. Each child is encouraged to venture forth and interact with all elements of their environment. Throughout your child’s day, they will participate in child-lead, hands on activities. Learning activities focus on the following areas of development: fine and gross motor development, creative art, literacy and language development, early math skills, music, and movement. 

Our preschool program is designed around the specific developmental level and needs of two and half to three year olds. Our professionally developed curriculum, Mother Goose Time, offers a wide variety of learning activities that encourage children's physical, social, emotional, intellectual and creative growth. Child-directed, play based learning is key for preschool children. We believe that learning is more about the process than the end product. Our skillful staff provides daily opportunities to enhance each child’s natural curiosity. Learning lesson creatively weave together art projects, music, storytelling, math games and science experiments around an exciting monthly theme.
earning activities are well rounded and focus on all areas of development: literacy skills including early reading and writing, creative art, math, science, fine motor development, gross motor development, along with music and movement.
Your preschooler will follow a structured schedule that includes large and small group activities and exploration of their environment. Expanding on the skills learned in our two year old program, your child’s day consists of a rotation of exploration, discovery, creativity, learning, responsibility, and friendships.


Here at New Braunfels Academy, one of our primary goals is to instil a love for learning in every child. Children learn best by doing. We provide hands-on activities that encourage them to explore their environment and be engaged in problem solving. Our Pre-Kindergarten program is created specifically for the developmental needs to three and a half to five year olds. Varying in difficulty and level, each activity is customized to meet not only the children’s interests but also their growing skill set. Our curriculum is aligned with Texas standards to ensure your child is prepared for Kindergarten. It is our goal to grow and nurture the whole child by supporting intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development.

The NBA Pre-Kindergarten program is extremely unique. Each day, your child will participate in a rotation schedule of academic lessons and physical activity. The nationally recognized Mother Goose Time Curriculum is woven into all lessons given by our skilled teachers. During morning rotations, children alternate between literacy, math, creative art, music and movement, social studies, science, and gross motor segments. Throughout the morning activities children are further developing their reading, writing, fine motor, math, creative thinking. During the second portion of their day, children are engaged in their environment where they are encouraged to be the leaders of their own learning. 



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